Consistency is Key at EcoLogic Wildlife & Pest Management


“Our role as wildlife removal specialists is to dampen the impact between humans and the animals that we have displaced” — John Putegnat, Supervisory Biologist

insulationreplacementEcoLogic Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC, is comprised of a diverse group of wildlife professionals, pest control experts, and construction specialists who sustain an ecologically sound perspective throughout the extraction process and meet the demands of any home repair scenario with confidence and professionalism. All methods of removal that we employ are highly effective and humane, and animals captured alive are relocated to areas of suitable habitat outside a 25-mile radius from the point of capture.

EcoLogic warranties all wildlife exclusions for the life of the structure and is fully licensed and insured. Our community-conscience approach and highly accredited background, as a small local business, allows us to deliver at a personable level but also maintain the professional standards of a large corporation, and we absolutely guarantee the most meticulous and thorough inspections within the state of Texas and most probably within our entire, great nation if not the world — our proud motto is: “No Hole Left Behind.. Guaranteed.”

Our unique EcoStrategic Management Program (EMP) focuses only on the most environmentally sound techniques and methods for home-defense against undesired animals and insects, and it was designed essentially to fulfill the role of your very own property steward.. We devote our focus unceasingly in effort to maintain your home and property absent of undesired animals and insects for as long or for as brief as the homeowner deems fit — the monthly EcoStrategic Management Program is tailorable, affordable, and invariably commitment-free!