About Us

Angie’s List has nominated us as a Super Service Award¬†winner every year since 2014, and we were the pioneer company to automatically warranty all wildlife exclusions for the life of the structure!

We pride ourselves with our ability to investigate and permanently resolve human-animal conflict without inflicting detriment to either the animal, the structure/property, or most importantly, the environment. While maintaining the highest quality and most environmentally-sound practices available, our focus and passion towards this goal is equally shared with our paramount objective of customer satisfaction. Our combined experience, skill-sets, and methodologies may hover well above the industry standard, but our prices will invariably remain below.

Our technicians are from various backgrounds of home construction, home repair, home remodeling, veterinary studies, biological/ecological research of mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles, entomological studies, chemistry, pest management science, and wildlife capture, removal, and proofing.

John Putegnat, Supervisory Biologist, has possessed a unique passion for the betterment and preservation of wildlife, fish, and our biosphere ever since he was a young child. Under the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at Texas A&M University in College Station, John studied the Ecology and Management of Wildlife and graduated with honors in 2006 within the top 2% of his undergraduate class. During and after a tour of expeditions performing ecological investigations on various species of wildlife, plants, and fish throughout the Americas and South Pacific Islands, John extended his studies and research to fulfill the requirements of a Master of Science degree within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences under the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at Texas A&M in 2012.


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