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Joe G.

I had spent the better part of two months trying to figure out what animal was destroying my front planting beds and ruining my flowers. Finally figured out it was an armadillo. Looked around and not many companies wanted to deal with them or really knew how to capture them. I made a call to EcoLogic and immediately got a prompt return call from John. John is a true professional and really understands wildlife removal. We made an appointment for him to come out to the house the next day after he spent almost 30 minutes with me over the phone explaining in detail his services and information about the animal I was having issues with. You just don’t get that type of service anymore! He was very attentive to my questions and took time to explain everything. When John came out he called ahead of time and even texted me to let me know he was coming. Another positive check marked in my book. John spent almost 45 minutes with me looking at the damage the dillo had done. He took a lot of time answering my questions and really understanding the issues. He was very professional and really knows his stuff! He set up the trap that day and continued to communicate with me via text message the status of what he was doing. I can’t stress how well he communicates with his customers. To make a long story short, it only took one day and the dillo was captured! John was in constant contact with me about the status and he immediately came out to take away our uninvited guest! You can’t go wrong with these guys. They are truly customer centric and really understand wildlife removal. I would recommend him for any wildlife removal needs. You won’t be disappointed.

Julie H.

If I had known how destructive that cute little critter that rounded the corner of my garage is late one evening last July when I was out doing yard work, I have clubbed him to death right there with a shovel in my hand. By the end of the summer he had totally destroyed my beautiful shade garden. I tried to trap him myself but I was not successful. This summer I gave up on planting anything out back. But when the critter decided to take up residence under my studio porch I knew he had to go. That’s when I called EcoLogic wildlife removal. John Putegnat came over and i knew i had found the right person. He is very knowledgeable about what he’s doing and very polite. Since I was having exclusion work done, if the critter comes back and starts digging again, John will come back to remove him. Cost does not seem pricey with that guarantee. And Jon uses good high-quality materials that will last a long time with good workmanship. He also goes beyond what is necessary. He dug a greenbrier root out of the backyard for me which I had started on but because of all this I did not have the strength to finish. 

Jane B.

I spoke with John on the phone for at least 20 minutes. He was extremely informative, clearly knows biology and life sciences. I have a degree in microbiology and chemistry. This guy was patient, asked several questions and help me formulate a plan. I now have a short term plan and a long-term plan. John is a college educated science guy that understands “critters” and how to deter them from your home. 

Mark S.

John showed up right on schedule. He asked if I had seen anything that I was concerned about and if there was anything in particular that I wanted him to check. I told him what I saw and detailed my concerns. He then explained how he would perform his inspection. John was very thorough in his inspection. He checked all the way around the house to see if there were any access points for rodents, and pointed out anything that he noticed that were of concern. When he was finished going around the house, he also checked on the roof. I could tell from John’s explanations that he is an expert in what he does. I would definitely use him again and highly recommend their services.

Betty K.

I was contacted very quickly by the company and set up an appointment within a few days. Jon arrived on time and explained what his evaluation included. Jon spent about an hour looking for possible entry points in the brick on the side of the house. He also inspected the roof and other possible ways for entry. While he was on the roof, he found an area where an animal had made a hole through the shingles and tried to enter the attic. He took pictures of the damage and notified me that it needed to be fixed to stop any potential leaks and to stop anything from entering at that area. The ground is settling around the front steps entry to the house leaving an inviting space for critter condos. Jon proposed a few different options on how to resolve our animal issues at our house. He sent me a full evaluation by email within two days. I will be working with him on one of the options as soon as I have the front steps replaced. I am very pleased with his recommendations.

Courtney W.

John serviced my attic with a disinfectant spray and coordinated an insulation company to blow new insulation into my attic. He also closed off a gable vent on the side of my house where rats could have access to my home. His work was precise, clean, and pleasing to the eye. The gable vent is insured for life and this kind of warranty is hard to come by. I am pleased with the work EcoLogic has completed and only hoping not to need them again. If so, they would be my first call.

Kathleen S.

When I realized I had a rat problem, I was understandably freaked out. From my first call for help, I was impressed with EcoLogic wildlife and pest management. They were able to schedule a time frame to come check out my problem the very next day. John, the person who came out to help me, let me know his estimated time of arrival, and he was right on time. He was very considerate of my house, my concerns, and my time. The inspection that he did was extremely thorough and I felt so much better after we reviewed the areas of concern. He was able to quickly solve my problem and made sure I was happy with the service provided, and I even received follow up messages to make sure my rat problem was solved! I must say that I was very impressed and all I can say is thank you!! This is a service you hope you never need, but if you do, I highly recommend EcoLogic wildlife and pest management.

Elizabeth Sutton

We are very pleased with EcoLogic. After identifying all active and potential entry points, steps were taken to make sure squirrels were no longer in the attic and all entry points were permanently closed. EcoLogic guarantees their work which is very important because the squirrels are very persistent.

Tamarra Pelker


I had squirrels living in my attic and John responded to my call quickly. He came out and did a complete roof inspection to see all the ways they might be getting in. He made several trips to my home over several weeks to confirm the exact place they were getting in and repaired any and all openings that might allow other animals to get into my attic. John made sure the job was done right and did everything he said he would without overpricing his work. No more squirrels in my attic thanks to John and his team!!

Marla Fuller


Everything went as planned. I highly recommend EcoLogic for removing wildlife.

Eric Parssinen


John and Chris were very knowledgeable about wild animals. On Chris’ first attempt to capture the raccoon with a trap, the wylie raccoon moved the trap without entering, triggered the door mechanism and allowed him to access the food without being caught. On the second attempt, Chris built a wooden enclosure to cover the trap and to anchor it to the ground. The only way to access the food was to go through the front of the cage. The raccoon was outfoxed this time and caught to be relocated 25 miles away. They made the extra effort to see that we captured and relocated Rocky.

Christine Cage


All pigeons were removed and John sealed up the problem areas. John is very knowledgeable about animals. I would not limit him to just “pest control”, he really understands animal behaviors and works to get them back into their environment versus ours.

Thomas Johnson


Gave EcoLogic a call based on their positive reviews and high ratings on Angie’s List. John came out to take a look, confirm that I indeed had some kind of critter making a nest inside the attic near one of my gable vents. John patiently, knowledgeably, and very descriptively walk me through all of the detailed options to evict whatever might be up there, and to prevent them from re-entering by pointing out all the possible points of entry and the solutions to seal them off. John pointed out things I would have never thought of, and now, I am confident that the house is well sealed from future creature intrusion. What I like most about John and EcoLogic is that you can tell he likes what he does. He’s professional and cordial; he explained everything thoroughly to me, and was very patient with the process. He was flexible with my schedule, and didn’t hurry the overall process, allowing extra time to make sure that everything that could have been up there in the attic was gone, and can’t get back in. And lastly, I really appreciated his attention to detail. He went the distance to make sure the screens installed on the gable vents were aesthetically pleasing yet sturdy and comprehensive. Would not hesitate to hire EcoLogic again.

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