Wildlife & Pest Management

  • Wildlife Eviction
  • Wildlife Live Capture and Relocation
  • Wildlife Deterrence
  • Wildlife Proofing (a.k.a. exclusion) of Residential and Commercial Structures

Animals are evicted by means of excluder valve which is essentially a species-specific one-way door which allows the intruders to exit but not re-enter. The eviction process is very delicate, and the proper order in which each specific task is performed is vital to the overall success of the particular endeavor in subject — this is the component of the wildlife removal methodology that is most unique to each company. There are many wrong ways of doing it; while there is generally only one right way. Every wildlife exclusion service that we provide is guaranteed for life, and never do we resort to rodenticide, or poisons of any kind, to rid the home or structure of it’s invaders. We use rodenticides strategically and very carefully only when situations call for outdoor population control of rats or mice once¬†the home or structure has been rendered animal-free and thoroughly animal-proofed; death and decomposition of any animal within a home or structure is absolutely never part of the plan.

  • Exterior/Interior Pest Control — monthly or single treatments
  • Wasp Control
  • Moth Control
  • Fire and Carpenter Ant Treatments
  • Honey Bee & Comb Removal

Our pest control services are trademarked as EcoSense practices because all products utilized by EcoLogic are of the highest quality and rating for efficacy and environmental-friendliness, and our application techniques are rivaled by none and are carried out with utmost care, focus, and strategy.

 Icon WhiteAt EcoLogic Wildlife and Pest Mgt., CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

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